Julia Guy, Norfolk and Norwich Coeliac support group organiser tell us about the group

Julia Guy,   Norfolk and Norwich Coeliac support group organiser tell us about the group, how to get in contact and future events arranged for 2016

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1 in 100 people in the UK has coeliac disease. Coeliac-UK is the national charity who work to improve their experience of healthcare, ensure their gluten-free diet is easy to manage and drive research which delivers new solutions to the problems of living with the condition.

They want to see the needs of people with coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) met and recognised by everyone in their everyday lives.

They do this by:

  • providing expert and independent information to help people manage their health and diet
  • campaigning for better access to diagnosis and care and better access to food in and out of the home
  • researching the nature of the disease and potential cures.

The Norfolk & Norwich Local Voluntary Support Group aims to play a vital role in fulfilling the Charity’s aim to improve the lives of people with coeliac disease and/or dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) and those choosing to live gluten free by offering a chance to share experiences.

One of our main aims is to assist and advise, when requested, with any problems or queries that might arise, particularly in the early days of diagnosis.


We organise a variety of events throughout the year providing opportunities for informal “get-togethers” with other members.  We have a formal AGM in March or April each year and we usually invite a guest speaker covering various aspects of the condition or diet and, sometimes, a gluten-free cookery demonstration.  Other social events we try to arrange include a Christmas Meal; Fish, Chip and Quiz night; BBQ; Curry nights; and a Walk with afternoon tea. All foods at these events are, of course, gluten free and with Committee Members on hand we are willing to help with any queries. We also run a Children’s Group which last year held a junior bake off to kick start awareness week. We were all quite blow away by the baking skills we had to judge.


some of the contestants at the gluten free Junior bake off May 2015

some of the contestants at the gluten free Junior  bake off May 2015

The Judges, Julia Guy, Charlie Hodson & Steve Thorpe.

The Judges, Julia Guy, Charlie Hodson & Steve Thorpe.

Upcoming events for this year, so far, are:

  • A Group Meeting on 22nd October at Chapel Break Community Centre. We’re aiming to have one or two cookery demonstrations and a talk from a healthcare professional, with some local trade stalls highlighting the sort of gluten free produce available locally.
  • The Christmas Lunch on Saturday 10th December at the Boathouse, Ormesby St Margaret.

Details of both events and any more will be publicised nearer the time.

Any future events can be found on YGF events page

coeliac group photo

The 2016 committee are: Julia Guy (Group Organiser), Robin Wright (Treasurer), Mike Allerton (Secretary), Emma Rothwell (Children’s Coordinator),Louisa Kiddell, Sara Matthews, Ann Wright, Sara Read, and Laura Cook.

You can contact the group on:

Local Coeliac support group agm April 2016         NNcoeliac


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