Enriched gluten free dough. Recipe by Steve Thorpe


This great recipe by Steve Thorpe can be used for doughnuts, sweet buns and brioche loaf.

Being gluten free doesn’t mean these tasty delight are off limits and this recipe developed by Steve shows us just how easy it is.



enriched doughs 2 steve thorpe recipe




10g Xanthan gum

400g Gf bread flour mix

540g Tapioca flour/starch

10g Yeast dried

20g salt

225g melted butter

340g Honey

3 eggs

15g Vanilla extract

500g apple juice (pressed)




Mix all dry ingredients together in a food mixer. Mix all wet ingredients together with the melted butter. Place all the ingredients together in the mixing bowl and mix together until it forms a soft dough. Place the dough in a container and allow to prove for two hours. The dough is ready to use but will improve if left to rest in the fridge overnight. Fold back the dough and then shape. Allow to prove dependent upon product to be made (30 –  60 mins) Cook until golden brown.

Doughnuts. Roll out cut with cutter, take out piece from centre, also could be shaped as per bread rolls and flattened. Prove for 20-30 minutes then cook in deep fat fryer at 170c, doughnuts then toss through cinnamon sugar.

Brioche rolls, knock back mould into a shape and place in bread tin cover and place in warm place to prove for 40-50 minutes. Bake in oven at 180c for 35 – 40 minutes



Steve Thorpe

Steve Thorpe


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